How to use 2

Please check the video "How to use".

Each demo video is about the operation procedure in different situations.

Please read through the attached manual, and let's get started.

During operation, please put on safety glasses and gloves.

(1) This image is about a situation when the operation was resumed with the feeling of the media remaining 7kg (15lb) out of 10kg (22lb) in the tank.

*In this video, using dry blow to demonstrate a clear view of the injection condition.

Open the green valve at the top of the tank and start

Adjust the media density with the gold media control valve.

The pathway gets narrow when entering the inner nozzle from the hose. If the media density is too thick, it does not go through smoothly, it accumulates and comes out a lot at once, or it suddenly becomes thinner.

Tighten clockwise is to thicker, and the opposite side is to thinner.

Please adjust the media density accordingly for smooth flow.

The media around the inlet at the tip of the shaft in the tank will gradually decrease. If there is the media enough in the tank, it will collapse naturally from the surroundings and will be replenished.

You can imagine the state of injection from the sound.

You can learn whether it is injected properly from a clear view by the translucent hose or experiences with the degree of vibration to the hose.

As you can see in this demo video, a frequency of shaking the tank will increase when the media goes down to 5kg- 6kg (11lb-13lb) from starting with 7kg (15lb).

(2) This image is about the situation when the operation was resumed with 17kg (37lb) media after adding 10kg (22lb) into the tank.

You can see stable injection when I shake the tank one time.
Under the same condition, here is a video of adjusting the media density.

Could confirm that stable injection is done.

(3) This image is about a month later situation with 5kg (11lb) media after used 5kg (11lb). (Initially put in 10kg (22lb) MPST)

Work with the media that I left in the tank for a month. Sorry for using the dirty tank because I wanted to keep as it is.

It is slightly hardened and becomes clumps. Loosen the media and check the state.

There are still clumps in the media.
This is not a proper situation as clumps are mixed and only 5kg (11lb) or less remaining in the tank.

It is still possible to work with, however, it is necessary to shake the tank frequently. There is a risk of cracking a welded area of the leg that supports the tank if you continue to use it in this way.
The state of the media and amount are very important.
Many people inquire us, and many cases are more likely facing this condition.
If the media is hardened in the tank, please take out and sift.
We recommend that close the valve tight, keep the tank clean, and store in a cool and dark space.

Lastly, please sometimes check looseness of the shaft, it may cause hindering stable injection.