About EZ Blust


Using baking soda as a main raw material in a blasting method

There are various kinds of powder (media) to be used, such as sand, glass, alumina, etc. Ability and the finish are different depending on what media is used. EZ Blust uses baking soda as water-soluble media that is harmless to the human body and environment.

One unit enables to process in either dry or wet settings

By our own-developed nozzle, EZ Blust is capable of spraying the media in either dry or wet settings, or spraying only water.

Finish and usability - Unique to baking soda media

Plating will not get fogged up when removing the rust from plated parts. Since it is water soluble, it can be applied to delicate materials, movable parts and sealed parts. The finish will not be excessively scraped due to low Mohs hardness.

Base materials will be rust resistant after application

By using baking soda media, EZ Blust will coat the object with an alkaline film which limits the acceleration of corrosion and rust. It is practical because it is fine to have time interval until a next time of applying rust preventive materials.

"EZ Blust" uses baking soda as a main raw material within what we call "magic powder", which has been used in our blasting method over the course 50 years. It is an environmentally friendly method in which we use today and will be suitable into the future.

Good Point

No.1 Baking soda as a main raw material is environmentally friendly.
No.2 This "magic powder" melts in water at normal temperature and does not remain in the material. The environmental-impact is low as it does not pollute or even remain in the water.
No.3 Mohs hardness of the raw material is as low as 2.5 of 10 which enables to clean any materials without damaging.

Major applications and purposes

・Automobiles and construction machines
・To wash a car body (dirt, rust, oil component) and to clean vehicle suspensions, around engines, paint peeling and parts in maintenance repair
・To wash boats and boat hulls (dirt, rust, oil component), decks, machine rooms, engine parts, paint peeling and to remove barnacles
・To clean buildings, interior and exterior walls, bricks, to remove paint film and graffiti (ink, paint and oil) as well as for concrete surface roughening and painting groundwork processing
・To remove deterioration and stains from concrete surfaces, rust on reinforcing steel, signboards, tents, parking lots and as well as for the last cleaning of construction areas
・To clean memorial monuments, outdoor monuments, filters and ducts of air conditioner units
・To clean inside and outside of bathtubs, floors and walls of bathrooms, gravestones and to remove oil stains from asphalt and concrete

The origin of the brand name "EZ Blust"

"EZ Blust" is a trademark that combines the word "Easy", "Blue" from the image of Earth, and "Blast" from our unique polishing & cleaning technique. Our mission is to provide products that are environmentally friendly, harmless and efficient for our customers worldwide.