You don't need to worry about powder dust in the air during operation, and even the installation space. Make DIY even more possible; cleaning, washing and polishing old automobiles and motorcycles as well as restoring parts.

A new tool has been launched!

Highly recommended for professionals, semi-works teams and privateers.

"EZ Blust" is a completely new blasting system that enables to switch between dry and wet, with using the soda blast media. This system makes mild finishes possible which cannot be done with high-pressure washing machines and sand blasters.

EZ Blust Japan ran a booth at SEMA SHOW on November 2018.

The EZ Blust demonstration attracted and quite amazed a lot of visitors. Successfully our products were embraced to the marketplace in the United States.
We would like to start with the online store. We are looking for partners to become our distributor in U.S. Mainland.


”EZ Blust” is a trademark that combines the word "Easy", "Blue" inspired by the image of earth and "Blast" inspired from the cleaning, scraping & polishing action. Our mission is to provide products that are environmentally friendly, harmless and efficient for our customers worldwide.

“EZ Blust” uses baking soda as a main raw material within what we call “magic powder”, which has been used in our blasting method over the course 50 years.

It is an environmentally friendly method in which we use today and will continue to use well into the future. It is safe, harmless, and more cost effective compare to the traditional method.